Italian Technology-Based in America

At Denver USA, we know that the demands of the stone industry require machinery that is durable and efficient.
Rather than just meeting the standards of the industry as a whole, we believe that we are unique in our ability to meet each customer's specific needs. We do this by providing a complete range of customizable machinery, including multifunctional CNC routers and work centers, PLC and CNC bridge saws, waterjets and surface polishers, each built with the features and options that best suit your needs.
It's not just about offering the best machines, however. At Denver USA, we also bring knowledge, service and overall value. As we like to say: Your success is our success, and we deliver it every day.

DENVER is a company that produces machines for the stone and glass industries.
DENVER is at the forefront of the development of San Marino Tech Valley, inspired by a mentality that has always pursued the excellence that is at the root of our corporate culture.
DENVER is a mindset of constant curiosity, which results in the progress and solutions that lead to the advancement of our industry as a whole.
DENVER's heart and soul, as well as its production facility, can be found in San Marino, which has maintained its status as the world's oldest republic despite being one of the world's smallest countries. How can a country have survived and flourished despite being surrounded by larger rivals for the last 1,700+ years? By never surrendering, or taking the easiest path. This history has been an inspiration to Denver, and has resulted in advancements that might not be possible were we situated in the midst of the global mainstream and content to simply follow the crowd.

DENVER is the most clever answer for the customer who is looking for a turnkey solution.
DENVER prides itself on helping each customer choose the machine that satisfies his present and future needs, thus maximizing profitibility, while enabling the quickest and safest return on investment.


When I started my company in 1984, I would have never thought DENVER would become what it is today. At that time, I only had my hands, my mind, my know-how and the curious spirit of those who love creating and finding new solutions. That fascination with research and innovation led us to create the industry's first dust collector benches and first monoblock bridge saws for stone fabricators.
The second revolution was the introduction of the first bridge saw with a rotating head. In the meantime, the company kept growing and from a small-town artisan workshop, we became a reference point for the global market of stone working machines.
The third revolution was a big challenge for Denver: Launching a new business unit to design and manufacture machines for the glass industry. Here again, our constant aim to find innovative solutions drove us to conceive and create a true game-changer: The ADVANCE, the machine that is revolutionizing the glass processing market.Of those 35 years of revolutions and innovative solutions, I only take the credit for sowing the seed. The credit for what Denver is today goes to those people who worked hard to make the company grow and to those customers who believed in us, making my wish come true.